What do we do ?

Prevent land, water & air pollution

Solid Waste generated in event is not thrown in landfill, river/pond/ ocean. Saves land and water from pollution. Polluted land & water also pollutes air, which is now saved.

Clean up the venue earlier to make it ready for next event

Conventionally post event cleanup takes many hours which makes it late for next event take over. Because of our service we release venue earlier for next event.

Food waste reduction for caterers

Our detailed analytics like Chef wise waste, Supervisor wise waste, Team wise waste, Item wise waste etc. helps caterer to take corrective action in future events and improvise their cooking process.

Engage guests / delegates to the subject and create social change

We create an innovative, engaging experience for event guests, visitors, delegates. We create self realization and connection to the subject of waste reduction. The same can be carried by them at their homes, offices creating a social impact.

Improve hygeine/work conditions for housekeeping workers

Housekeeping workers need not to make their hands dirty and not to work in unhygienic conditions to find out reusable cutlery from mixed waste. Also relieve them early and save their work timings.

Record & report for further analysis & improvements

We scientifically measure all of our activities and provide a detailed report post events to analyze waste generated and give recommendations for improvements in future events.

Help get more business for venue owners, caterers, decorators

New generation is more concerned about environment and nature. Get more visibility with our partnership model to these eco sensitive future generation and get more business for you.

Ensure No risk of non compliance

Our service make sure 100% compliance as per international environmental standards. You comply to all local municipality / authority and no risk of penalty / seizing of your venue.

Reduce loss of reusable cutlery for caterer / decorator

Conventionally lot of reusable cutlery gets lost due to mixing with the waste. we save a lot of such cutlery going missing. Also reduce damage to cutlery and maximum recovery. Also reduced cost of damage to event sponsorer.

Training awareness to catering, housekeeping & event groundstaff

Our training creates more awareness among all ground staff which creates a social change and social impact on ground and elevate knowledge level of workers. Motivates these workers to carry it forward at other places.

Prevent Gutter Choking & improve lives of sanitary workers

Liquid or semi liquid waste is prevented from going into gutter. We save choking of gutter. Also improve health and working conditions of sanitary workers and reduce maintenance load on local authorities.

Excess food distribution to needy

We feed extra good food to needy with proper planning, coordination, distribution in time before food becomes stale.

Increase your credibility and goodwill to society, government

As you achieve a positive impact on social, environmental aspects for your event, you get more credibility and goodwill to society and government. We enable you to apply for more benefits for such cause.

Maximum recycling conserve environmental resources

Our scientific and innovative approach ensures good quality of segregated waste makes recyclers very happy to accept. Maximum recycling helps conserve virgin environmental resources from consumption.